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The Services I offer

web design

Designing is my passion and the favorite part of my job. I love the fact thats it's a collaboration between myself and a client. I take the information they've given me the vision they have, and I get to make it real.


Technology is constantly changing. I am ever vigilant to make sure I am up to date. I write clean code. I can develop your site to work across all media so that your busisness it available to clients not matter what they are searching on.


Your name is your identity and your identity is how people determine who you are. What does your branding say about your business? I can develop branding that will tell the world who you are.

Social media

Social media has changed the world and the way we communicate with it. Are you taking full advantage of all the opportunities available? I can develop and execute marketing strategies to keep loyal customers and attract new ones.

About me

Hello, I am Lydia...

I'm a web designer living in
San Diego, California.
"Handcrafted" is the term I use to define how I approach my work. My code is handcrafted, it's clean. My designs are handcrafted, uniquely designed for each client. Handcrafted in the sense that creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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The works I am proud of

Bridge Conference


The Bridge Conference is held to help direct marketers and fundraisers network and learn. Bridge has many sporspors and offers tiered level sponsorship opportunities. My task was to design a site that displayed all the sponspors but also gave emphasis to the tiers. Designing a site with built in advertising was challenging. This was a real lesson in information architecture for me.

NORML Volunteer Application


NORML is an volunteer driven organization. The application to volunteer is a vital tool for gathering and storing information about the people that help spread their message. My job was to take the old application and make it a concise one page document that would not overwhelm form shy volunteers.
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Pizza Bolis


Working with Pizza Boli's was a true skill building experience for me. Pizza Boli's flagship store is in Baltimore with franchise stores all over the DC metro area. The Baltimore location commissioned me to edit monthly coupon flyers for different restaurants around the state. Each being indiviudally owned but under the same brand I had to modify the content to each owners specifications while making sure to keep within the brand standards.
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CCTS works to build websites for non-profit organizations. The company also helps them to utilize the latest technology in their efforts to reach the community. I was asked to create a landing page with a full website to follow. I ended up working with them to develop new branding.
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University of Baltimore


My assginments while working as a contractor for the law department at the University of Baltimore consisted mostly of print design. I was there to support the department's efforts to connect with students. I designed print material for the many programs the law department held.
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Salisbury Rollergirls


I was really honered when team president and founding member Buster Skull asked me to create the Salisbury Rollergirl's first website(salisbury md). At the time The Rollergirls were a new team. The challenge of this project was trying to concept the design from the only asset they had, the logo. This was one of my favorite designing expeirences yet.

David Spivey


David Spivey is an experienced copywriter. He worked at a major Baltimore agency for many years, and then he was laid off. For the first time he needed an online portfolio. I was tasked with sorting through years of awesome work to put together a wordpress website.

Bawlers Softball team


The Bawlers was a new softball team looking for extra players. Not only did the get a new poster for recruiting but they also got me, a so so player.
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Hope Works


Hope Works is a non-profit that works in communities to end sexual violence. It's programs center on healing familes.
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Keep in Touch with me

I am accepting new projects. If would like to discus an upcoming project or have questions, please contact me.

Lydia Williamson
San Diego, California 92103
(619) 255 - 0643